Invisible Maniac



Ever since he was a child, Kevin Dornwinkle wanted nothing more than the ability to spy on naked women. Traumatized for life when his prudish mother discovers his bedroom telescope pointed at the window of a nude and nubile neighbor, Kevin puts all his focus onto his other interest: science. Decades later, and now a respected physicist, Dr. Dornwinkle has made his greatest discovery yet: "molecular reorganization serum," which has the power to turn a person invisible. But after a demonstration to his peers fails horribly, the mild mannered doctor suffers a breakdown. Focusing all his efforts on perfecting his serum, and succeeding, the now fully unhinged Dornwinkle gets a job as a high school teacher and embarks on a rampage of molestation and murder...From the mind of acclaimed cult filmmaker Adam "Rif Coogan" Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, Psycho Cop Returns), comes THE INVISIBLE MANIAC! As lurid, sleazy, funny, weird, bloody, sexy, and original as any exploitation film can be, THE INVIS

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Format 4K
Release Date Jan 31, 2023
Genre Horror
Actors Noel Peters, Shannon Wilsey, Stephanie Blake, Melissa Moore, Clement von Franckenstein, Rod Sweitzer, Debra Lamb, Marilyn Adams
Director Adam Rifkin
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