Werewolf Versus Vampire Woman (4K)

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Infamous werewolf, Waldemar Daninsky has been brought back from the dead after a mortician carelessly removes a silver bullet from his heart. Unable to stop himself from viciously killing anyone in his path, he begins a search for a sacred cross which can finally cure him of his monstrous affliction. Meanwhile, Genevieve and Elvira are scouring the French countryside for the final resting place of Countess Wandesa who, according to legend, was a vampire who thrived on the blood of young virgins in order to retain her beauty. One night, they encounter Waldemar, who offers to aid them in their quest and leads the two women to Wandesas tomb. However, while in the process of opening it, a drop of blood falls onto her skeletal remains, thus reanimating and rejuvenating her desire for blood and revenge from beyond the grave. Now faced with an evil capable of even more brutality than his own, Waldemar realizes that he is the only hope in defeating Countess WandesaThe third released film in th

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Format 4K
Release Date Nov 8, 2022
Genre Horror
Actors Paul Naschy, Gaby Fuchs, Barbara Capell, Andrs Resino, Yelena Samarina, Patty Shepard
Director Len Klimovsky
Language English, Spanish
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